The Estate Planning Council of Edmonton

The Estate Planning Council of Edmonton (EPC) includes some of the keenest and most creative minds working in the estate-planning field today.

We are an association of professionals who offer you:

  • expertise in all fields related to estate planning
  • years of experience
  • a team approach that puts you at the centre
  • the latest financial-planning rules, techniques and information

Our membership includes accountants, lawyers, insurance advisors, corporate trustees, representatives of the Government of Alberta’s Office of the Public Trustee, and other professionals who meet the EPC’s stringent membership criteria.

The EPC promotes discussion and study of topics and problems in matters of estate and taxation planning. Through the exchange of ideas and information, we consistently improve our ability to assist you in the achievement of your goals.

Members of the EPC can help you make sure that your estate planning allows you to:

  • benefit from tax planning for investment and retirement income;
  • meet your personal and financial goals when your estate is ultimately dispersed;
  • reduce the tax impact of your death on your family, business partners and heirs

No matter what your age today, it has taken you a lifetime to acquire the assets you have now. Deciding what will happen to those assets when you die – whether that happens when you’re unexpectedly young or very, very old – is a matter that deserves the most professional, knowledgeable and independent assistance available to you today. The members of the Estate Planning Council of Edmonton offer you that assistance.