What is estate planning?

"Estate planning" is a term that includes the legal methods, techniques and products that ensure that your assets are managed in a way that you desire. This may be for the ultimate benefit of you, your family, your business associates, your favourite charities, or anyone else for whom you care and want to provide.

The Web site of the Estate Planning Council of Edmonton is intended to provide you with the information you may require to take the first steps toward effective estate planning:

  • It introduces the building blocks that lead to an effective estate-planning program.
  • It presents information on topics that you may wish to consider in the development of your plan.
  • It provides you with the contact information you need to get specific answers on the entire range of estate-planning issues.
  • It helps you to assemble a knowledgeable team of independent professionals who can assist in the development of a highly effective plan to secure the future of your financial holdings.

At the Estate Planning Council of Edmonton, we believe that-

  1. each professional member is an integral part of an estate-planning team, and
  2. the goals of our clients are best attained through cooperation among these disciplines.

With the assistance of our members, you can be sure that:

  • the estate-planning process you undertake will be conducted in the most efficient, cost-effective and professional manner possible;
  • full consideration is given to the most recent legislation affecting legal issues, taxation and investment in Canada and Alberta, and how that legislation may affect you now and in the future;
  • the time you take to plan for the future dispersal of your financial holdings will be time efficiently and effectively spent – keeping taxes to a minimum, maximizing returns, and helping you to reach your personal and financial goals in respect of your estate.